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A few weeks ago, I shared our story. [The backstory] to our journey. It was so freeing to finally break the silence and get our story out there. Now, I feel like it is time to give ya’ll the update [where we are now.] I recently had my annual, which also marked another year of TTC. It was bittersweet. I was really happy about all of the progress that I’ve made as far as my weight loss & health without medication, but I was bummed that I wasn’t pregnant. I literally cried SO hard that day. It was really hard for me. Thankfully, God is catching every single tear. 

At that appointment, I was really torn on what we should do. I say “I” because my husband has the gift of faith. Me, on the other hand, ya girl struggles with that and patience. It’s just not my gift when it comes to my own fertility journey. I have it for everyone else. Lol. 

So, my MD gave me two options after doing my annual exam, labs and another one of “those” ultrasounds.

Option 1: Continue eating the vegan diet and keep losing weight! (I can fit in an XL now yall!)

Option 2: Start Metformin twice a day, then reevaluate to see if we want to add Clomid.

Now, Option 2 came on the table because I started pouting after he said “keep doing what you are doing.” I wanted to yell, “I don’t wanna do that! I wanna get this on with!” I think about Hebrews 11:12, when it says “no discipline is enjoyable when it is happening” oh.. but after!

NOW. Before I go any further, I just want to say that I am NOT, 110% NOT against medication.

But, I can honestly admit that the reason I was considering medicated cycles is because I was tired of waiting on God. There. I said it. 

I was so convicted after a few hours that I had to repent for the second that I started to place my faith and confidence in medicine. 

Not that I don’t believe in medicine. However, I believe that God holds all power when it comes to opening my womb and keeping our children until their appointed time to allow us to be parents!

I did not have peace about taking ANY “medication” right now, and neither did my husband. We both know that we can develop more discipline and improve our personal health. We prayed, and the answer was no for us. Plus, I got convicted on “saying” my faith was in God, but always having IVF as a “back up” plan in my mind. From here on out, completely trusting God. I have full faith that he will complete the work that he has begun in my life. I fully believe that we can conceive naturally, with all my heart! I believe that God is a God of miracles. 

So, I went back to researching and began to implement a few changes. Some- I was doing half heartedly. Some- I knew I needed to do but I wasn’t out of laziness. 

Continuing to TTC naturally by improving my health and fitness as much as possible. I’m believing God for TOTAL reversal and healing from endometriosis, PCOS and that He turns this uterus from inverted to the correct anatomy in JESUS name! 

  1. Cut the gluten. I really slowed down on gluten back in November, but I had not removed it from my diet completely. I kinda did it when it was convenient and cheap for me. Wheat had a hold on me. It’s in all the vegan junk food! I know it’s not worth it though. The PAIN that I am in after eating gluten is serious + my cycles are noticeably heavier and more painful. This is just pushing me to eat as less processed as possible, and create some amazing recipes!
  2. Consistently take my supplements. I know, I know. I’m horrible with pills, yall! Im adding DIM, EPO, and a few other supplements to my regimen! I’ll post a separate post breaking down each one and the properties they have. It’s that deep. I found an amazing blogger last year, her name is Kate at root and revel that talked about her all natural “medicine cabinet.” I’ve built that for myself! 
  3. Consistently exercise. My personal goal is to be a avid runner and yoga practicer. I wanna be the mom running races with my whole family. LOL! Exercise is SO good for our bodies, so we have to stop looking at is as “punishment” for the things we’ve eaten. It is good for the soul. I’ve read SO many stories on how yoga helps with endometriosis, but it also help with my mental health. Developing good habits, while also improving that blood flow? Win! I’m doing my first 5k runs this year!
  4. Eat more RAW foods. Currently on a 60+ day raw food fast because this is a struggle for me. I read in a “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” book that with a diagnosis of endometriosis, you should eat mostly raw. I’ve seen testimonies from so many people that have either eaten fully raw or high raw and seen DRASTIC improvement in their health. Even their EYES! I’m doing this fast to build my discipline and strength, so that when I transition back to regular vegan, I can eat high raw. 
  5. Continue eating vegan. Stay away from processed junk, white sugar, white flour, white anything, and limit soy. Increase my water intake to 3L a day. All that good stuff. 
  6. This was the hardest for me. Throw out ALL of the chemical filled, toxic, paraben containing household and beauty products I have. Now, I have been transitioning for a LONG time. But, a couple items have been hard for me. Uhm, it took a YEAR to find a deodorant that worked for me. My poor armpits have been burned SO many times. But, after this month- they will ALL be gone. I’m replacing my DAWN and GAIN with clean-DIY products that I’m making with essential oils and alla dat stuff. I’m done with it! I’m working on a skincare routine to even out my skin, so that I can try out some of the vegan options that are less coverage. I love makeup, and it is SO relaxing. I’ve switched to all cruelty free brands, but I’m going to seriously look at the ingredients in all of it. 

This is me being fully in and fully committed. This is the WORK that I will be doing, instead of taking Metformin. It requires me to do so much more, but ya’ll know that I will do EVERYTHING for these babies. They aren’t here yet, and they’ve turned me from a soul food lover to a “high raw-gluten free-vegan.” For these children, we have prayed… right? My prayers seems to come back with so many instructions.. but I’m thankful for God leading us. I’m posting a supplement update soon! 

Please keep me in prayer as I am on day three of my raw journey and LAWWWWD! 



*Disclaimer* Products are not designed to diagnose or cure aliments. All products have been researched to reduce symptoms. Herbs are not FDA approved. Recommendations are based on information given. I am not responsible for reactions or misinformed purchases. I am not a doctor, and I am not pretending to be one. I advice through experience and research.

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Larisa Cleaves

Raye the doula was everything I needed this first time around breastfeeding. I’m a mom of 3, ages 3,2, and now a 9 week old baby boy. I didn’t get the opportunity to have such an empowering, and proactive lactation specialist with my first two. I have inverted nipples but now they both are completely pulled out. The techniques she gave and advice are exactly what I needed. Before, I started using her- in my 1st week postpartum, I got mastitis, I had a fever and more... Raye provided that’s when I was able to get some good advice and support about relieving the clogged milk ducts and gave me help positioning to make breastfeeding easier. Once you get that infection, you feel horrible, but she helped make the experience as comfortable as possible. Don’t miss out of booking her, even if you may not have any problems with breastfeeding like I did. As a postpartum mom, you always need someone in your corner to assist and be there for you. Get a team and on your team have her, Raye the doula. Larisa Cleaves, Mom of 3, Wife, Business Owner
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Raven was amazing, she helped me with my cyst and bacteria infection. She knew EXACTLY what I needed to address each issue. She made sure I had everything I needed. Even when I arrived at the store, I called her to make sure I had the correct items... she answered right away and clarified that I had everything. She checked on me every few days to make sure my issues was getting taking care of. I highly recommend a session with Raven for any holistic womb care, health, holistic medicine, etc. thank you Raven so much! Love you
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