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How to pray for your children (or future children) using the “ABC’S”

Today’s blog is different, but I really feel led to share this with ya’ll. I took notes when my cousin taught on how to pray for your children using the ABC’s. We know that even if you are currently in a season of waiting, we should still cover our children in prayer. I’m going to challenge myself to pray over all four of our children (by name) using these ABC’s every single day. 

A-Angels: Pray that angels are around them at all times. Pray a hedge of protection around them and that Angels would be encamped and guarded around them.

B-Brain: Pray for normal brain development, no brain failure or brain injury/trama.

C-Character: Pray that they have Godly character, integrity, and grow into mighty men and women of God

D-Development: Pray for the development of their minds, bodies, spirits & that they would develop healthy.

E- Education:  Pray that they attend Godly schools, have Godly educators/ teachers & coaches, for safety of their school buildings & the colleges they will attend. Pray that God will supply provision for schooling!

F- Friends: Pray for wise counsel, other saved Bible believing Christians as friends & have healthy influence against peer pressure.

G- Generational Curses: (be broken) Pray that all generational curses end with you & will not be passed down. Pray against things that have plagued the family.

H-Hurt: Pray against hurt, harm, or danger. [ Accidents, tragedy, against dangers seen and unseen ]

I-Insecurities: Pray against self esteem issues. Pray they have healthy self image and recognize they are made in God’s image. Pray that they find/have validation in Christ and learn their identity in Jesus Christ

J-Just/Judgement: That they have righteous judgement, are fair and honest. Pray they operate under what is just. 

K-Kindness: (Compassion) Love is patient and KIND. Pray they treat others well. Pray that they be Kingdom Minded.

L-Leadership: Pray they are the head and not the tail. The influencer. The trailblazer!

M-Marriages: Pray for their spouses – who they will marry. Pray they marry mighty men and women of God. 

N-Needs: Pray that all needs be met, and that provisions are made.

O-Obedience:  for its still better than sacrifice, pray they obey the voice and call of the Lord.

P- Purity: Pray against perversion/ pedophilia, against pornography, sex trafficking, against prostitution/homosexuality, and etc.

Q-Quality time: (relationship with God) Pray they have a genuine relationship with God, over a religious spirit. That they have a personal walk with God and are always repentant of sins.

R-Rebellion: Pray against defiance; That they would honor their mother and father so their days would be long. Pray against Rejection which leads to depression, anxiety, social disorder, promiscuity etc. Also pray for Righteousness.

S-Substance abuse: Pray against all substance abuse, by intake of mouth or by injection.

T- Talents and Time: Pray that their talents and time be used to advance the Kingdom of God & to glorify him. 

U- Unadulterated Gospel: Pray that they preach it, teach it and live it!

V- Vision: Pray they always keep watch and are aware of their surroundings. That they have sharp natural and spiritual eyes.

W- Wisdom: Pray that they walk in wisdom, have sound judgment, and are discernment Warriors; they use their weapons of mass demonic destruction.

X-“ x-out”  and cancel the enemy’s plan to steal, kill, and destroy their lives! They cancel anything he wants to use to destroy him!

Y-Yearning:  Pray that they yearn for and desire only the things of God, that they hunger and thirst for righteousness. Pray they are Yielding vessels, ready for use. 

Z-Zeal: Pray that they have zeal for God. [Passion for God and winning souls for the kingdom.]

Here is a link to the teaching, if you want to check it out. 

Thank you, Adara for allow me to share this on my blog! Follow Adara on Instagram at: @Adarraaa & check out her website at:

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Larisa Cleaves

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