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Fertility Doula Services

You may be wondering, “what is a fertility doula?”

Welllllllll, basically I’m your new bestie! I’m someone that has walked in your shoes, and now I’m going to walk out the journey with you!

I remember feeling SO alone and overwhelmed when I was trying to navigate through PCOS & infertility. My hearts desire is that YOU never have to experience that feeling. As your fertility coach, I’m going to do the work WITH you as you heal holistically. We will address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing; and I will assist you in honoring your own wisdom and intuition during your healing. 

  • TTC and Infertility can wreck havoc on your mental health. We will work together to restore balance in your life, addressing causes of stress, anxiety, negative self-talk and emotions. As we journey together, we will come up with ways to help you decompress and move towards health and your optimal fertile state.
  • Preparing for conception is a multistep process that looks different for everyone. We may address lifestyle changes, relationship dynamics, your childhood, or preparing for a treatment cycle. Together we journey!
  • Having a support system is vital during a season of fertility challenges. I will serve as your BFF, and I will always be a nonjudgemental sounding board no matter what this path brings.
  • Infertility can bring many negative effects, but it doesn’t have too. Individuals who struggle to conceive often experience higher rates of depression, anxiety, and a diminished sense of overall wellbeing. With my holistic approach, I can help restore your self-esteem, self-worth, and self-trust; promote physical and emotional wellness; and support you in processing and navigating the challenges along the way.
  • Our sessions will consist of different mind-body tools, such as meditation, custom affirmations and more that can help support your mental wellbeing.  I also draw on my experience with essential oils, herbs, music therapy and more for a truly holistic approach.

While I wish that I could guarantee your pregnancy in 90 days, there’s no way to guarantee that you will get pregnant in a certain way or on a certain time frame. While you may well become pregnant during or after our time together, the specifics of this are out of anyone’s direct control. However, should you become pregnant, I will continue to support you with doula care. I am not a Replacement for therapy. If you’re struggling to navigate the emotional ups & downs of this journey, I highly recommend considering seeing a professional therapist (therapy and coaching can complement each other beautifully!). Our work together is not a substitute for professional psychological or psychiatric care, and I will happily provide recommendations. I am not a Replacement for medical care. Providing medication advice, or any kind of diagnoses are beyond my scope of practice. I will happily help you connect with the appropriate resources when necessary.


Book your Consultation or Womb Massage on my calendar below:

Preconception/Fertility Consultation- $70

Schedule Appointment

This is a 1 hour virtual consultation where we will discuss your overall reproductive health, struggles, and your goals. I will follow up with suggestions and a written plan of action via email.  After the consultation call if we decide to move forward with myself as your fertility coach your Moonstone package will include the  below:

“The Moonstone” aka Fertility Coaching (1-on-1

$250/month investment 


  • Personalized Fertility Care Box (essential oil roller, herbal tea, fertility bath salt, handmade waist beads or bracelet and affirmation cards)
  • Nutritional Coaching & Review
  • Private & Personalized Client Folder 
  • Biweekly calls- Addressing any questions and/or concerns with progress, option review and decision making
  • 24/7 Ongoing Support via text and email 
  • Intimate online educational courses via Zoom
  • Unlimited Online Evidence Based Articles


Womb Massage – $50

Schedule Appointment

Many of us never learned to honor our womb, and take time to pamper our wombs with love. This is a 40 minute womb massage session, plus 30 minutes to release any past trauma and pain that you may be holding onto. Your total appointment time will be an hour. There will be an additional fee if I need to travel to you.


*Disclaimer* Products are not designed to diagnose or cure aliments. All products have been researched to reduce symptoms. Herbs are not FDA approved. Recommendations are based on information given. I am not responsible for reactions or misinformed purchases. I am not a doctor, and I am not pretending to be one. I advice through experience and research.

Client Love

If you’re wondering whether or not you can receive quality care from a doula even if it’s just virtually the... Read More...

Mrs. Adara Sherron

Raye The Doula

Mrs. Adara Sherron

If you’re wondering whether or not you can receive quality care from a doula even if it’s just virtually the answer is yes. Raven provided vital information on what I could expect, request, decline, and more throughout my pregnancy experience. The actual doula I chose to contract here in New York where I live is everything Raven told me I should have in a doula. When had my virtual consultation with Raven, she was polite, informative, reassuring and even answered my million questions. I think a virtual consultation is key for anyone who is unsure about what doulas do and who they are—and if doulas aren’t readily available in your area having the consultation helps with your search. If you are looking for someone to help you choose the right doula service, and you’re not able to meet in person, I would highly recommend having a consultation with Raven. Simply put, she is amazing. - Mrs. Adara Sherron First time mom to a baby girl.
Raven was amazing, she helped me with my cyst and bacteria infection. She knew EXACTLY what I needed to address... Read More...
Raye The Doula
Raven was amazing, she helped me with my cyst and bacteria infection. She knew EXACTLY what I needed to address each issue. She made sure I had everything I needed. Even when I arrived at the store, I called her to make sure I had the correct items... she answered right away and clarified that I had everything. She checked on me every few days to make sure my issues was getting taking care of. I highly recommend a session with Raven for any holistic womb care, health, holistic medicine, etc. thank you Raven so much! Love you
Raye the doula was everything I needed this first time around breastfeeding. I’m a mom of 3, ages 3,2, and... Read More...

Larisa Cleaves

Raye The Doula

Larisa Cleaves

Raye the doula was everything I needed this first time around breastfeeding. I’m a mom of 3, ages 3,2, and now a 9 week old baby boy. I didn’t get the opportunity to have such an empowering, and proactive lactation specialist with my first two. I have inverted nipples but now they both are completely pulled out. The techniques she gave and advice are exactly what I needed. Before, I started using her- in my 1st week postpartum, I got mastitis, I had a fever and more... Raye provided that’s when I was able to get some good advice and support about relieving the clogged milk ducts and gave me help positioning to make breastfeeding easier. Once you get that infection, you feel horrible, but she helped make the experience as comfortable as possible. Don’t miss out of booking her, even if you may not have any problems with breastfeeding like I did. As a postpartum mom, you always need someone in your corner to assist and be there for you. Get a team and on your team have her, Raye the doula. Larisa Cleaves, Mom of 3, Wife, Business Owner
Raven Thomas helped me in my TTC journey by giving me knowledge on what was actually going on with my body... Read More...

Vanity Shelton

Raye The Doula

Vanity Shelton

Raven Thomas helped me in my TTC journey by giving me knowledge on what was actually going on with my body and helping me understand my hormones. She educated me on hormone imbalance and the negative affects  that it  has on the body. Raven's  outstanding wisdom lead to me getting pregnant. She walked me through my pregnancy with healthy ways of eating,books and managing my emotions in a healthy way to promote a wonderful stress free pregnancy. During my Postpartum phase she answered all of my questions for breastfeeding, and how to still rest with multiple kids for recovery, any issue I had she made sure she gave me the emotional support as well as a game plan to overcome my issues I was having. I highly recommend her for all of your Doula needs and brestfeeding services. She has such a heart for women and wellness!!
Raye The Doula